The Pousada Real Hotel, is located at the end of the fourth stage of the Portuguese Camino. You do not have to deviate, not one centimeter off your path to stay in this Hotel since it is at the foot of the Camino.

The Pousada Real Hotel is a building from the 1900s recently rehabilitated and located in the Calle Real, a pedestrian street in the center of the municipality of Caldas de Reis with many years of history.


The current Calle Real was part of an ancient Roman road from the XIX that linked Braga with Astorga. In which, at that time, the Romans had already built an inn, which was the official stop of the road, called the “mansio de Aqvis Celenis”.

Centuries later it became known for the Jacobean route that we know today the Portuguese Camino. In which, so illustrious pilgrims have passed as St. Thomas of Canterbury to which the town paid homage with the construction of one of its Romanesque churches , the Church of Santo Tomás.

Living the Camino means becoming part of its history and this stop represents the union between the past and the present.

There are more than 2,000 years of stories of pilgrims underneath our feet, that make the Pousada Real Hotel a unique location in the area to recover from the road traveled and regain strength to face the last two stage


You do not have to be a pilgrim to come and escape for a couple of days here. Caldas de Reis is also known for its wonderful thermal waters, its Botanical Garden, its Roman bridges, its Romanesque churches, its Cascade, …

It is one step away from the best beaches and the most important tourist towns of the Rías Baixas, Sanxenxo, O Grove, Illa de Arousa, … Caldas offers you tranquility, nature and culture, all in one.